Milk Does Not Do The Body Good

It’s National Dairy and Dairy Alternative Month so it’s the perfect time to talk about how this substance can easily affect our bodies. Let’s begin by debunking the myth of milk being good for the bones by mentioning that it actually weakens them and increases the chances of hipbone fractures when we are elders.

It’s worth mentioning that about 30-50 million Americans have some degree of lactose intolerance or sensitivity. Dairy products are the main culprits in arthritis and joint pain because lactose causes inflammation in the body. According to the Physicians Committee, it’s also part of the “Dirty Dozen” and one of the main pain triggers.

Strong ties have been identified between milk consumption and breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. Breast Cancer is #1 on the Top 10 Cancers by Rates of New Cancers and #2 in Top 10 Cancers by Rates of Cancer Deaths, Ovarian Cancer is #5 on the New Cancer Cases and #6 in Cancer Deaths while Prostate Cancer is #2 on New Cancer Cases and #3 in Cancer Deaths in the US. I’d like to mention that these studies were done in 2015 and have increased over the years and that it’s caused by steroids found in the dairy products, which causes the cancerous cells to spread easily.

Dairy is also linked to Alzheimer’s Disease as well as Type 2 Diabetes and Heart diseases due to the Saturated fat. This can increase the “bad”LDL Cholesterol but can be subsided if the patient is consuming the good kind of fat, improving the ratio of total cholesterol to “good” HDL cholesterol and by doing so, lowering the risk of heart disease.

My Experience: Quitting Dairy Products

I used to be a cheese lover, until my eczema acted up and half of my body was itchy and raw. It wasn’t until I decided to let go of dairy altogether that my skin cleared up and the swelling disappeared, but I did notice other benefits as I transitioned to a dairy-free diet.

My acne cleared up about 80% as well as the eczema; a lot of people commented that my skin looked clearer and that it was glowing. I also noticed that I lost seven pounds in less than two weeks and that I no longer looked or felt bloated.

Do I honestly recommend cutting back on dairy products? Absolutely, especially if one consumes it in large portions, which can be quite easy to do since it can be found in breads, sauces, chips, among other things. Cheese also has a protein called casein, which can cause an addiction to dairy.

It’s essential to listen to our bodies and notice if dairy products are truly affecting us. I’d also like to mention that dairy products have many names and it’s essential to learn them if we are trying to avoid it altogether.

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